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      GNB chem, a.s. was founded on 23 January 1998 and from its very start it deals with the synthesis of small tonnage pharmaceutical semi-products and active ingredients ( API ). It has received a Certificate of good manufacturing practice ( GMP ) from The State Institute for Drug control.

     Our production line is fitted with enamel equipment in volumes from 150 l to 1500 l. Along with pressure filters, nutch filters, centrifuges, a pleadings filter and a vacuum rectifier, this equipment forms a very flexible technological complex, allowing the production of a whole range of substances with the use of chemical reactions such as bromination, reduction by complex hydrides, esterification, devaporation, polymerization etc.

    The production complies with the European percepts of law and is controlled by Czech governmental institutions such as SUKL, the institute for work hygiene, the Czech fire-brigade or the institute for environmental inspection.

We place maximum emphasis on the protection of the environment.


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